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Barry (anime)

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Much like {{ga|Barry|his game counterpart}}, Barry possesses a hyperactive personality that often goes well past impatience. To this end, whenever something or someone gets in his way, annoys him, or causes him any minor inconvenience, Barry will lose his temper and shout for the cause to be fined. This attitude is so recurring and extreme that his Empoleon often shows exasperation at Barry's wild behavior.
Barry admires [[Paul]] and his {{pkmn|training}} methods, and wants to be a strong {{pkmn|Trainer}} like him. He also has a slightly similar mentality as Paul's, such as inpreferring to {{pkmn2|caught|catchingcatch}} strong Pokémon for training. However, unlike Paul, he still cares for his Pokémon, praising them for their hard work, and showing concern when one of them is injured, such as when Empoleon was being afflicted by the soundwavessound-waves caused by Team Galactic's actions while on Iron Island.
{{an|Dawn}} knew Barry back when they both lived in [[Twinleaf Town]]; however, Barry does not remember her. He only recognized Ash, Brock, and Dawn due to the fact that they participated in the [[Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition]] with Paul. However he did not recognize Conway when they first met, despite Conway's participation in the Tag Battle Competition as well.