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Trivia: Not the same thing
* The English<!-- and Japanese--> names of cities and towns in Kalos are derived from various ingredients used in fragrances. Likewise, the names in the European versions are derived from various terminologies related to art.
* The [[wikipedia:Demonym|adjectival form]] of Kalos is "Kalosian", as seen in [[Kiloude City]]'s description.
* Kalos is the only region in which:
** Gym Leaders hand out TMs containing moves from older generations in games that they are introduced in.
* Kalos is also the only core series region that does not have:
** A notable {{type|Ghost}} [[Type expert|expert]].
** Any numbered [[water route]]s.
** Any [[vending machine]]s.
** Cities, towns, or landmarks with a human population on an island.