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|enva=[[List of English voice actors|Jessie Kane Gill]]
'''Nina''' (Japanese: '''ノア''' ''Noa'') is a minor recurring character who appeared in the [[Pokémon anime]]. She is a noted restaurant waitress whoat first appeareda in ''[[SM013|RacingHau'oli toCity]] pancake parlor. She is also a Bigprevious Event!winner of the annual [[Pokémon Pancake Race]]''.
[[File:Nina and Husband.png|250px|thumb|left|Nina and her husband]]
Nina works as a waitress at a restaurantdebuted in ''[[Hau'oliSM013|Racing City]]to anda wasBig the previous winner of the [[Pokémon Pancake RaceEvent!]].'' She metafter {{Ashan|Professor Kukui}} and {{an|Professor KukuiAsh}} indecided herto restaurant,stop wherefor shea explainedquick Ashbite theat race'sher rulesrestaurant. Later,She sherecommended andAsh herenter {{alo|Raichu}}the wereupcoming seen[[Pokémon {{pkmn|training}}Pancake forRace]], even explaining the racerules togetherand withhelping Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} train for the event.
The next day, Nina and {{alo|Raichu}} entered the Pokémon Pancake Race. During the final section of the race, Raichu ran in first place, but due to a distraction caused by {{TRT}} and {{an|Bewear}}, [[Samson Oak]]'s {{p|Komala}} was able to take the lead and win the competition, causing Nina to end up tied with Ash for second place. Although she lost, Nina was content as she had a fun time and told Raichu they would try again next year.
She was mentioned inIn ''[[SM041SM055|MountingThe anProfessors' ElectrifyingNew ChargeAdventure!]]'', Nina attended the wedding of Professor Kukui and [[Professor Burnet]] while also providing the event's catering.
In ''[[SM055SM072|TheSours Professors'for Newthe AdventureSweet!]]'', Nina attended [[Aina's Kitchen]] to pick up a lunch order. [[Ulu]] was revealed to have a crush on her. However, she informed him that she had a fiancé during the wedding[[Alola ofBread ProfessorFestival]] Kukuicompetition, andleaving him heartbroken. She later revealed in ''[[ProfessorSM102|Alola, BurnetAlola!]]'', andthat wasshe parthad ofmarried theher cateringfiancé.
In ''[[SM072SM093|SoursLillier forand the SweetStaff!]]'', [[Ulu]] was revealed to have a crushNina onand her. However,fiancé she informed him that she hadattended a fiancéplay duringat the [[AlolaPokémon Bread FestivalSchool]] competition, leaving him heartbroken.
In ''[[SM093|LillierAsh and {{ashcl}} sometimes visit the Staff!pancake parlor. On {{an|Misty}}'s [[Alola]]''n holiday, Ninathey watched a playstopped at the Pokémonrestaurant Schoolto alongsideenjoy herNina's fiancédelicious pancake stacks in ''Alola, Alola!''.
In ''[[SM102|Alola, Alola!]]'', Nina greeted Ash and {{ashcl}} when they visited her restaurant alongside {{an|Misty}}. It was revealed that, at some point between ''Sours for the Sweet!'' and this episode, she married her fiancé.
{{incomplete|section}}Nina is always upbeat, providing quality customer service alongside her delicious pancake stacks.