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Jessie's Wobbuffet

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With Jessie
In ''[[EP192|The Wayward Wobbuffet]]'', Wobbuffet was tasked with guarding the Poké Pod containing Ash's Pikachu. During the chase to get the Pod, Wobbuffet, along with the Pod and the key to it, were separated from Jessie and went on an action-packed adventure. He soon bumped into a thief named [[Goneff]], who was not happy with Wobbuffet bumping into his vehicle and took Wobbuffet hostage. Team Rocket then dug a hole and headed to the warehouse Goneff was hiding in to rescue Wobbuffet. Ash and his {{AP|Totodile}} went with them only for Totodile to get badly hurt by {{p|Golem}}. When Golem was about to finish off Totodile, Wobbuffet jumped in the way and sent Golem flying back to its Trainer. Ash was then able to get the Poké Pod back but not the key, as Wobbuffet still had it as he flew away along with the Team Rocket trio on the Wobbuffet-shaped balloon. Ash sent out {{AP|Noctowl}} to get the key from Wobbuffet and Pikachu was freed from the Poké Pod.
In ''[[EP222|A Promise is a Promise]]'', Jessie used Wobbuffet against [[Cassidy]] and [[Butch]] to try and see which of them would steal a {{an|Lugia}}. The attacks from both sides of Team Rocket's Pokémon end up breaking the energy barrier holding Lugia captive and it blasts them all away.
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