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Korrina first appears on {{rt|5|Kalos}}, when one of her Lucario comes up to the {{player}} while she is doing some special training. She notes about how Lucario has taken a liking to the player's [[aura]], then introduces herself to the player as the Shalour City Gym Leader. She then appears in [[Geosenge Town]], where she challenges the player to a battle with her two {{p|Lucario}}.
After arriving in Shalour City, Korrina can be found in the [[Tower of Mastery]] with her grandfather [[Gurkinn]], the Mega Evolution guru. Once the player wins the battle for the [[Key Stone|Mega Ring]] against their rival, Korrina will go to her Gym for a battle.
After battling her at the Gym, she will immediately invite the player to a rematch atop the Tower of Mastery. There, Korrina gives the player the Mega Ring. After that, the Lucario that had become close to the player temporarily joins their team, and the two have a one-on-one battle, using just their Lucario, both holding a [[Lucarionite]]. Win or lose, the player has the option of getting the Lucario that joined him/her for the battle.
* After defeating {{ga|Calem}}/{{ga|Serena}}
:''"There may be winners and losers in a Pokémon battle. But I really thought you two and your Pokémon were all winners! Mega Evolution is nothing more than just one way to make Pokémon stronger. There are many Trainers who bring out the strength of their Pokémon without Mega Evolution."''
:''"Pokémon need a [[Mega Stone]]! And Pokémon Trainers need the [[Key Stone|Mega Ring]]! Well, my mysterious Trainer, my Lucario may have taken a shine to you, but now I must test you to see if you're ready to challenge the Mega Evolution successor! I'll be waiting for you at the Gym! Oh, the rest of your friends should come challenge me at the Gym, too!"''
;[[Shalour Gym]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
[[File:Korrina Adventures.png|thumb|right|130px|Korrina in Pokémon Adventures]]
Korrina first appears in [[Santalune City]], where she helps {{adv|X}} and his friends face [[Celosia]] of [[Team Flare]] to retrieve X's stolen [[Kangaskhanite]]. Using her Mega Glove, Korrina Mega Evolves her {{p|Lucario}} into Mega Lucario and sends it out to battle. After X retrieves the Kangaskhanite, he uses it to evolve [[Kanga and Li'l Kanga|Li'l Kanga]] into Mega {{p|Kangaskhan}} and teams up with Lucario. Together, they defeat Celosia, forcing her to retreat since she knows that she's outmatched against two Mega-Evolved Pokémon. Later, Korrina meets up with X's friends and gives [[Tierno]] a pair of [[Roller Skates]]. When X states that he doesn't think it's important to have a successor ceremony for his [[Key Stone|Mega Ring]], Korrina states that she refuses to acknowledge him as a successor. She questions her grandfather's decision to give X the Mega Ring and angrily storms off.
Korrina goes back to Shalour City, where she angrily attacks her grandfather for giving X a Mega Ring and demands to know why he decided to do it. Before Gurkinn can give a proper answer, they are attacked by a {{p|Trevenant}}. Korrina immediately goes to battle it, but soon realizes that the attack is only a distraction to separate her from her grandfather. She looks outside to see Gurkinn being attacked by [[Emma|Essentia]]. After escaping from the Trevenant, Korrina skates down to the bottom floor to help Gurkinn. When Gurkinn realizes that Essentia is attempting to steal the tower by covering it in Trevenant's vines, he tells Korrina that they need to activate the Tower of Mastery's self destruct switch and protect the secrets of Mega Evolution. Although reluctant, Korrina agrees and helps her grandfather destroy the tower.