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Paras (Pokémon)

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* No other Pokémon has the same [[Egg Group]] combination as Paras and its evolution.
* Paras and Parasect share their species name with {{p|Shroomish}}, {{p|Breloom}}, {{p|Foongus}}, and {{p|Amoonguss}}. They are all known as the Mushroom Pokémon.
* Paras can be seen as a counterpart to {{p|Morelull}}. Both share the {{t|Grass}} type, the same base stat total of 285, evolve at Level 24, both are mushroom-based PokemonPokémon and thus can learn {{m|Spore}}, and both can be found in the wild in [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]], taking the place of the other depending on the [[time]], with Paras being found during the day and Morelull at night.
* In the 1.0 release of the English versions of {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, the [[Pokédex]] entry of Paras refers to it as '''BUG POKéMON'''. In the 1.1 release, this was modified to mention '''BUG/GRASS POKéMON''' instead. The Pokédex entry in {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}} says '''Bug Pokémon''' like Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire version 1.0, however.