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Plot: I'm not seeing this scene.
However, as Mimikyu jumps off, Pikachu is revealed to have unknowingly protected himself in an {{m|Electroweb}}. Proud of the new move, Ash has Pikachu trap Mimikyu with another Electroweb. Ash declares that he will respond with his own Z-Move, and [[SM054|his Z-Crystal again changes]] into a [[Pikashunium Z]]. Ash places [[Ash's hat|his hat]] on Pikachu and the two perform {{m|10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt}}. The multicolored thunder beams hit their mark, blasting a large hole in the Thrifty Megamart's ceiling and leaving Team Rocket burned. As Mimikyu faints, Acerola declares Ash and Pikachu the trial winners. Ash happily embraces Pikachu, thanking him for his efforts, while Jessie demands Mimikyu to continue going, only to be stared down by Bewear, who gently picks up the unconscious Pokémon. Bewear then drops Team Rocket into a shopping cart and carefully places Mimikyu on top of the heap. Using the collapsed ceiling as a ramp, it quickly wheels the trolley up and flies out of the area.
Nanu arrives on the scene and is irritated by Ash's victory, but concedes and decides to keep his promise to Ash. Ash is overjoyed by this and thanks Nanu. Meanwhile, back at Bewear's den, Team Rocket is frustrated about how close they came to finally catching Pikachu, with Jessie vowing to continue training on the Z-Move. Their intense discussion is interrupted by Bewear's arrival with honey and they pause to have a snack break.
==Major events==