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| Unnamed
| ''[[EP074|All Fired Up!]]''
| HasA Grasshopper-like Mecha that has very good jumping abilities,. It was used to steal the flame of {{p|Moltres}} from Indigo Stadium.
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| [[File:Meowth of the Bouty Guard.png|150px]]
| Meowth of Bounty Guard
| ''[[EP096|Meowth Rules!]]''
| (Operated by the people of [[Golden Island]] but commanded by {{MTR}}.) A golden Meowth statue driven by many men and gears inside. It is shockproof and its hands are mobile.
| [[File:Mecha-Meowthinator.png|150px]]
| {{p|Electrode}} Eliminator
| ''[[EP114|The Underground Round Up]]''
| HasThis mecha has arms to pick up {{p|Electrode}}, and can make them {{m|Explosion|explode}}.
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| [[File:Team Rocket Automated Pep Squad.png|150px]]
| Anti-{{p|Stantler}} No.7
| ''[[EP125|The Little Big Horn]]''
| UsedThis Mecha was used to Lurelure and capture {{p|Stantler}}, it is numbered 7 afterbecause the first six prototypes failed due to technical errors. It is controlled via remote and is capable of shooting nets and spears from it's mouth.
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| [[File:ArboTank.png|150px]]
| Recycle Rubber Robot
| ''[[EP136|Chikorita's Big Upset]]''
| Giant robot constructed of tires and remotely controlled by {{MTR}},. thatit was used to stealcapture [[Ash's Chikorita]] and {{AP|Pikachu}}., Itbut also works with other Pokémon.
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| [[File:Mecha Spinarak.png|150px]]
| The Super {{p|Diglett}} Mark 2
| ''[[EP142|A Shadow of a Drought]]''
| The first {{p|Diglett}} mecha used by {{TRT}} used. UsedIt was used to dig a large hole in order to get Team Rocket some water. The mecha also had a baseball bat attachment used for knocking out {{p|Slowpoke}}.
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| [[File:Torcher Scorcher.png|150px]]
| Robo-Mecha {{p|Wobbuffet}}
| ''[[EP171|Power Play!]]''
| PoweredThis mecha is powered by Electricity, and can use an attack that has the same effect as {{m|Counter}}. The mecha can be powered through a power supply or if any Electric-type attack is shot inside the Mecha, can be powered through the Electricity from the attack inside the Mecha.
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| [[File:Win Mean Fight-the-Bite Meowth Machine.png|150px]]
| [[File:Ice Cream mecha.png|150px]]
| Ice Cream Robots
| ''[[EP250|The Ice Cave]]''
| Able to make ice cream and steal Pokémon.
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| [[Bewear]] Robot
| ''[[SM122|Spying for the Big Guy!]]''
| A simple Bewear robot that Team Rocket planned to send to [[Matori]] at the [[Team Rocket HQ]]. It’s abilities are unknown and Itit only appears at the ending segment of the episode, after the [[Poké Problem]].
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| Mecha [[Oranguru]] Robot
| ''[[SM133]]''
| A Oranguru robot that gave {{an|Bewear}} and {{an|Stufful}} fruit drinks while the two relaxed in the hot spring Team Rocket constructed for them at [[Bewear's den]]. By [[SM138]] the robot begins to malfunction and in [[SM139|the next episode]], is shown to have been completely destroyed.
| Deluxe [[Bewear]] Robot
| ''[[SM138]]''
| A Bewear robot that {{TRT}} built in order to steal Pokémon at the [[Manalo Conference]] rewards ceremony. They complete it in [[SM139|the following episode]], and use it in ''[[SM140]]'', but the {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Manalo Stadium Guzzlord|Guzzlord}} that attacks [[Manalo Stadium]] knocks it down effortlessly and eventually destroys it. {{TRT}} eventually use the remains of the Mecha to save {{an|Bewear}} after he gets attacked by the Guzzlord.