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[[File:GameFreak 1997 fanbook MC Satoshi.jpg|thumb|150px|The screenshot of Old City in the fan book]]
* During the pre-release of {{game|Gold and Silver|s}}, [[Game Freak]]'s '''''Official Fan Book of Pocket Monsters''''' (Japanese: '''ポケットモンスター公式ファンブック''') from 1997 hinted at a location containing {{wp|Japanese architecture|traditional Japanese buildings}} called '''Old City''' (Japanese: '''オールドシティ'''). This was originallylikely a location in the [[Spaceworld 1997 Gold and Silver demo|Spaceworld 1997 demo]] versionprototype of the game, which possibly became Ecruteak City.
* An unused house in [[Olivine City]] features an [[non-player character|NPC]] that claims that a pharmacist in Ecruteak made medicine for her {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. As the pharmacy is actually in [[Cianwood City]], this suggests that it was originally planned for Ecruteak City during the development of {{game|Gold and Silver|s}}.
** Unused early maps of Ecruteak City also hint at the [[Magnet Train]] running through it as well, possibly instead of through [[Goldenrod City]]. The reason they may have considered this could have to do with the fact that {{wp|Kyoto}}, the city that Ecruteak City is based on, is an intermediate stop on the real-world {{wp|Tokaido Shinkansen}}, which inspired the Magnet Train.