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Serene Grace (Ability)

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Generations III-IV
===In battle===
====Generations III- and IV====
Serene Grace will double the chance of a move having an [[additional effect]]. For example, {{m|Psychic}} will have a 20% chance of lowering the target's {{stat|Special Defense}} stat instead of its usual 10% chance, and {{m|Rock Smash}} will always lower an opponent's {{stat|Defense}} by 1 level, as opposed to having a 50% chance of doing so. The 10% {{DL|Status condition|flinch}} chance due to [[King's Rock]] and [[Razor Fang]] is unaffected by Serene Grace. Serene Grace has no effect on status moves.
====Generation V onward====
Serene Grace boosts the 10% flinch chance due to [[King's Rock]] or [[Razor Fang]] to 20%.