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Lightning Rod (Ability)

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In battle
Lightningrod cannot redirect Electric-type {{m|Judgment}} or {{m|Natural Gift}}.
====Generations V- and VI====
Along with its previous effects, Lightning Rod also gives the Pokémon immunity to all Electric-type moves, and raises the Pokémon's {{stat|Special Attack}} by one stage whenever it is hit by an Electric-type move. Electric-type [[multi-strike move]]s (such as multi-strike moves affected by {{m|Electrify}} or Electric-type moves affected by {{a|Parental Bond}}) will only activate this effect once. If the Pokémon is {{cat|Protection moves|protected}} from the move or immune to the move due to being {{type|Ground}}, its {{stat|Special Attack}} will not increase.
In [[Triple Battle]]s, Lightning Rod cannot redirect Electric-type moves if the Pokémon is out of range.
====Generation VII onward====
Even if the Pokémon would be immune to the move due to being {{type|Ground}}, Lightning Rod activates and boosts the Pokémon's {{stat|Special Attack}}.