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Nightmare (move)

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100 in GenIII once was FIQ's assumption - doesn't even access accuracycheck routine (; also tested in GenIII and IV
|accuracy={{tt|100|— in GenerationGenerations II-III}}
Due to an oversight, if an opponent cures their Pokémon of sleep with a [[Full Heal]] or [[Full Restore]], it will not be cured of Nightmare even after waking up; this does not occur if the player cures their own Pokémon of sleep.
===Generation III onward===
Nightmare inflicts damage equal to one quarter of the Pokémon's maximum HP at the end of each turn. Nightmare now has 100% accuracy.
In {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}} only, due to an oversight, if a Pokémon cures itself of sleep with {{a|Shed Skin}}, it will not be cured of Nightmare even after waking up.
===Generation IV onward===
Nightmare now has 100% accuracy.
Nightmare can be used as part of a [[Contest combination|Contest Spectacular combination]], with the user gaining an extra three appeal points if a sleep-inducing status move (except {{m|Psycho Shift}} and {{m|Rest}}) was used in the prior turn.
* In [[Generation III]], the status screen erroneously states that the move has 100% accuracy, even though it ignores accuracy and evasion checks.
* This move is completely unavailable in {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}} and {{g|Colosseum}} without trading, as no Pokémon can learn it in [[Generation III]] outside of {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}} and {{XD}}.
* This move [[Haunter (Fossil 6)|originated]] as a [[TCG]] {{TCG|Attack}}.