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Ecruteak Gym

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In the Pokémon Gold and Silver: The Golden Boys manga
[[File:Ecruteak Gym Golden Boys.png|thumb|200px|Ecruteak Gym in Pokémon Gold and Silver: The Golden Boys]]
===In the Pokémon Gold and& Silver: The Golden Boys manga===
Ecruteak Gym first appeared in ''[[GB13|A Promise Given to Miltank]]'', where {{GnB|Gold}} tried to enter the Gym in order to challenge Morty. However, since he only had two Badges, Morty refused to let him in. When Gold [[GB14|later]] returned to the Gym after having received the {{badge|Plain}} from [[Whitney]], he was dismayed to learn that since Morty was going to the grand reopening of the [[Moomoo Farm]] and then to a month-lasting conference in [[Kanto]], he was unable to accept Gold's challenge. Because of this, and for having seen Gold's true strength already, Morty chose to give Gold a free {{badge|Fog}}, telling him to keep it at least until he would be able to battle him to see if he could earn it for good.