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Generation V

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Advances in gameplay
* One new variant of [[Poké Ball]], the [[Dream Ball]], retaining the 25 found in previous games.
** The [[Apricorn]] Poké Balls and the [[Sport Ball]] are inaccessible without hacking and do not function as Poké Balls even if acquired; however, Pokémon caught in these Poké Balls in {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} retain them when sent to a Generation V game.
* Pokémon battle sprites now animate constantly, rather than simply animating upon exiting a [[Poké Ball]] as in previous generations. These animations are reminiscent of those of {{game|Crystal}}, rather than the two-sprite distortion method that has been the standard since {{game|Emerald}}. The speed at which Pokémon move slows as the {{stat|HP}} goes down and with most [[status condition]]s ({{status|frozen}} Pokémon do not move at all).
** WhenUnlike athe Pokémonanimated ismodels affectedfrom by3D a status conditiongames, inthese additionsprites' toanimations slowingplay movement, it also glowson a colorloop dependingand on the status condition. {{status|Sleep}} doesdo not havedepend a color, but useson a different sprite that depicts thegiven Pokémon's with its eyescurrent closedactions.
** The speed at which Pokémon move slows as the {{stat|HP}} goes down and with most [[status condition]]s ({{status|frozen}} Pokémon do not move at all).
** When a Pokémon is affected by a status condition, in addition to slowing movement, it also glows a color depending on the status condition. {{status|Sleep}} does not have a color, but uses a different sprite that depicts the Pokémon with its eyes closed.
* The back sprites of Pokémon show the Pokémon's body in full, with their poses and animations being the same as the front sprite, but as seen from behind.
** This enables dynamic camera movements during battle, e.g. it can zoom in or out and focus on specific Pokémon as the battle progresses.
** It also allows {{p|Mawile}} to face the audience when it performs in a [[Pokémon Musical]] without the need of an additional sprite.
* The battle music changes under certain conditions. When one of the player's Pokémon on the battlefield has 20% HP or lower remaining, the music changes to a faster, more suspenseful music. When battling a [[Gym Leader]]'s last Pokémon, the music also changes.
* The overworld music also changes in certain circumstances. Almost all the routes now have instruments that differ between the seasons, and layers that activate and deactivate when the player walks or stops, respectively; while music that plays in some towns and cities have layers that can be added by talking to citizens. These people can be seen playing different musical instruments like piano, guitar, etc.