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Generation III

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* The seven [[Poké Ball]]s made from [[Apricorn]]s, along with Apricorns themselves, are unavailable in Generation III.
* In [[battle]], passive damage (such as from {{status|Poison}}, {{status|Burn}} and {{m|Leech Seed}}) is now resolved at the end of a turn, rather than immediately after a Pokémon attacks. In previous generations, such damage did not occur after a Pokémon, that would have taken passive damage, knocked out another Pokémon.
* Animated Pokémon sprites introduced in {{game|Crystal}} have been abandoned.
===Further additions in {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}}===
* [[Multi Battle]]s, where two opponent Trainers encounter the player at once and battle in a Double Battle.
* A {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}}, adding to the original {{Gdis|Battle Tower|III}}, and featuring [[Frontier Brain|Trainers who head each facility]].
* Animated Pokémon front sprites have been reinstated. Unlike the animations from {{game|Crystal}}, these new animations only have two frames (including the base sprite) and are accompanied by various visual effects to make up for it, such as distortions, rotations, color blending and so on. This will remain standard until [[Generation V]].
** Back sprites don't have an additional frame, but are now also animated using the aforementioned effects.