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In the spin-off games: Add Pokémon Tetris.
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===In the Pokémon mini series===
In [[Pokémon Tetris]], the Pokédex is available in the menu at the beginning of the game. It is a list of the Pokémon that were captured in the Tetris game, and how many of each species was captured. Each captured Pokémon has 3 images: a full detailed image, a small simple drawing, and a small black silhouette which is a variation of the previous small drawing. All Pokémon appear as unindentified "----------" lines by default, until they are captured.
There are 249 Pokémon in this game, listed in the [[List of Pokémon by National Pokédex number|National Pokédex order]]. Almost all Pokémon from [[Generation I]] and [[Generation II]] are available, except {{p|Mew}} and {{p|Celebi}}, which don't appear in the Pokédex. The slot #151 (Mew) is empty and the cursor can't point to it, while the slot #251 (Celebi) is unavailable since the Pokédex ends at the slot #250 ({{p|Ho-Oh}}). A Poké Ball symbol serves as the cursor, which the player can use to point at any listed Pokémon.
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