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Professor Oak

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==In sidespin-off games==
===In Hey You, Pikachu!===
Professor Oak appears in [[Hey You, Pikachu!]], where he enlists the player to help test a translation device called the PokéHelper, using a wild {{p|Pikachu}} as the main research subject.
Professor Oak also is one of the two human characters that appears in [[Pokémon Snap]]. In order to complete his {{OBP|Pokémon Report|Pokémon Snap}} on the denizens of [[Pokémon Island]], he hires {{Todd}} to take pictures for the report. He provides Todd with the [[ZERO-ONE]] and its [[Dash Engine]] upgrade, [[Pokémon food]], [[Pester Ball]]s, and a [[Poké Flute]]. When Todd takes a picture of each of the [[Pokémon sign]]s, Professor Oak is able to drawn a connection between them and the {{pkmn|constellation}}s to determine that {{p|Mew}} must be on [[Rainbow Cloud]].
==In spin-off games==
===In the Puzzle series===
In [[Pokémon Puzzle Challenge]], Professor Oak appears at the main menu and some other screens at the beginning of the game, explaining the available options to the player. He also talks to the player at various points in the "Puzzle" section, which consists of various rounds with puzzles.