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{{incomplete|section|Quotes from Generation IV}}
:''"Hiya! I'm a <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>mon</sc>... ...No I'm not! Call me <sc>Bill</sc>! I'm a true blue <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>maniac</sc>! Hey! What's with that skeptical look? I'm not joshing you, I screwed up an experiment and got combined with a <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>mon</sc>! So, how about it? Help me out there!"''
:''"No, no! There was almost nothing left for me to do. <sc>Celio</sc>, I have to hand it to you. You've learned a lot."''
:''"Well, there you have it. I'm finished with the job. We should head back to <sc>Kanto</sc>. <sc>Celio</sc>, I'll be seeing you again."''
===={{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}====
;[[Ecruteak City]]
:''"Hi, I'm Bill. And who are you? Hmm, <player>, huh? You know what? I'm the one who developed the system to transfer Pokémon. But it couldn't have been done by me alone. For example, do you know the [[Hoenn]] region? This girl [[Lanette]] from Hoenn made the Pokémon Storage System easier to use. My friends all over the world are working together to improve the Pokémon trade and storage systems. I have to hurry on back to Goldenrod and see my folks. Buh-bye!"''
;[[Goldenrod City]]
*After talking to him at the Ecruteak City Pokémon Center
:''"Hi, <player>! Would you do something for me and take this <sc>Eevee</sc>? It came over when I was adjusting the [[Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection]]. Someone has to take care of it, but I don't like being outside. Can I count on you to play with it, <player>?
::'''Yes''': ''"I knew you'd come through! You're the real deal! Way to go! OK, I'm counting on you. Take good care of it!"''
*If the player is carrying six Pokémon
*After receiving Eevee
:''"Professor Elm said <sc>Eevee</sc> can evolve into seven different kinds of Pokémon!"''
*Subsequent visits
:''"I used to do experiments on transferring things. Both the [[GTS]] and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection were inspired by my machine that transfers things!"''
*If there is still available PC storage
:''"{{tt|Good morning!|If morning}}/{{tt|Good day!|If daytime}}/{{tt|Good evening!|If nighttime}} This is the Pokémon Storage System Administration Service. Who's calling? <player>, is it? Hang on a sec... ... ... Well, you're starting on the PC Box named <name of currently selected box> right now. That's an easy-to-remember name. Easy to remember is the best way to go. OK, including the space left in <name of currently selected box>, you can still hold <amount of free storage system space> more Pokémon in the PC. Call again sometime..."''
*If the PC storage is full