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In the manga
==In the manga==
===In the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga===
[[File:Joey Adventures.png|thumb|250px|Joey in Pokémon Adventures manga]]
Joey is [[Professor Elm]]'s assistant and his errand boy. His partner [[Pokémon]] is {{p|Rattata}}. In [[Chuang Yi]]'s translations of the manga, he was known as '''Grant'''. However, [[VIZ Media]]'s translations properly identify him as Joey.
None of Rattata's moves are known.}}
===In the [[Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys|Golden Boys]] manga===
Joey is first seen in the very first chapter of the manga. He is battling [[Gold (Golden Boys)|Gold]]'s {{p|Totodile}} with his {{p|Rattata}}. After the battle, Gold tells Joey how he got his Totodile in a flashback scene. Then, the boys spot an injured {{p|Pidgey}} lying amidst the grass of {{rt|28|Kanto}}. After Gold helps the Pidgey recover using a [[Berry]], Joey starts to appreciate Gold's kind heart. After that, the boys go separate ways.