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Salon Maiden Anabel

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In the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga
[[File:Anabel CBF.png|100px|thumb|Anabel in Pokémon Battle Frontier]]
[[File:Anabel photographer CBF.png|thumb|left|100px|Anabel as a photographer]]
Anabel first appearsappeared in ''[[CBF4|Introducing the Frontier Brains!]]'', disguised as a photographer. She took a picture of [[Enta's Vulpix]] and {{p|Feebas}}. She tellstold Enta about the Frontier Brains after [[Rald]] iswas defeated by her, prompting him to challenge them in order to discover which one defeated Rald.
After Enta defeatsdefeated his sixth Frontier Brain, {{FB|Pike Queen|Lucy}}, he iswas told that the seventh one is none other than Anabel herself, much to his surprise. Enta's battle with Anabel endsended up in a draw after a showdown between Ninetales and Entei.