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Pikachu (Pokémon)

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===In the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga===
A Pikachu makes a cameoappeared in {{gdis''[[CBF2|Battle Frontier|III}} during one of the battles. Also, a photo album owned by {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}} has a PikachuAim onfor the coverTop!]]''.
A Pikachu appeared in ''[[CBF3|Battle Between Student and Master!]]''.
A Pikachu appeared in ''[[CBF4|Introducing the Frontier Brains!]]'', where it was seen in a picture taken by {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}}.
===In the Pokémon Battrio: Aim to be Battrio Master! manga===
A Pikachu appeared in [[ABM02]].
===In the Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All manga===
===In the Pokémon Gold and Silver: The Golden Boys manga===
{{main|Gold's Pikachu}}
In [[Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys]], [[Eusine]] was in possession of a Pikachu, which ended up being {{GnB|Gold}}'s.
===In Pokémon Newspaper Strip===
Pikachu comparison: on top: Pikachu from [[EP001]], on bottom: Ash's Pikachu from {{series|Sun & Moon}}]]
* The nation of {{wp|Niue}} released a one-dollar coin with its coat of arms on one side and Pikachu on the other to promote the Pokémon franchise.
* Pikachu and its {{p|Raichu|evolved form}} share their {{pkmn|category}}, the Mouse Pokémon, with {{p|Rattata}}, {{p|Raticate}}, {{p|Sandshrew}}, and {{p|Sandslash}}.
** All but Pikachu also have [[regional variant]]s in [[Alola]].
* [[Veronica Taylor]] has said Pikachu is her favorite {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. [[Sarah Natochenny]] has as well, shared with {{p|Mew}}.
** The {{ga|Red's Pikachu|starter Pikachu}} in Yellow has unique voice clips in {{eng|Pokémon Stadium}} and {{pkmn|Stadium 2}}.
* Pikachu is the only core series starter Pokémon that does not have a 7:1 gender ratio.
* {{4v|Black|White}} are the only core series games in which Pikachu cannot be obtained without transporting or an event.
* Pikachu was the focus of a {{OBP|Pokémon Center|store}} [[Sleeping Pikachu Collection|collection]] in June 2014.
* Pikachu is the only not fully evolved Pokémon whose [[base stats]] increased in [[Generation VI]], and also the only to receive more than one: Defense and Special Defense.