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Sceptile (Pokémon)

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In the manga
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
{{main|Emerald's Sceptile}}
Like most other [[starter Pokémon]], Sceptile has made its only notable appearance in possession of {{adv|Emerald}}, being picked as his final battling member for his {{gdis|Battle Factory|III}} challenge in ''[[PS305|Interesting Interactions Involving Illumise]]'', which he won after a tough fight. Once he deduced he was no rental Pokémon, but one smuggled in by a third party, he took him into his possession and used him to challenge the [[Battle Pyramid]], [[Battle Arena]], [[Battle Palace]], and [[Battle Dome]] challenges. In the {{chap|Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire}}, he has obtained a [[Sceptilite]], with it he can [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]] into Mega Sceptile.
A Sceptile appeared in a fantasy in ''[[PS306|Pinsir Me, I Must Be Dreaming]]''.
===In the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga===
[[Rald]] has a Sceptile, which is one of his main Pokémon. It first appeared in ''[[CBF1|Enta Arrives at the Battle Frontier!]]''.
==In the TCG==