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{{p|Celesteela}} appeared in ''[[SM069|Rise and Shine, Starship!]]'', where it was found by {{an|Sophocles}} while camping out at the [[Bamboo Hill]]. It actually arrived in Alola approximately 200 years ago in what was believed to be a naturally appearing Ultra Wormhole, and was stuck in the ground ever since, passively absorbing energy for a take off. After it was dug up, Celesteela was discovered by Lusamine's group, who told the Ultra Guardians to go out and catch it. Their attempts to catch it failed, as Celesteela was too deeply rooted to the ground at the time. When they discovered that Celesteela was preparing to take off, the Ultra Guardians realized that the flames produced when it flies would set the surrounding area ablaze. Using their Ride Pokémon, the Ultra Guardians were able to construct a defensive barrier, allowing Celesteela to safely blast off and return back to its home.
It reappeared in a flashback in [[SM144]].
===Personality and characteristics===