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Sandshrew (Pokémon)

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** Sandshrew has the lowest base Special Attack stat of all {{type|Ground}} Pokémon.
* Both Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew have Abilities that boost evasion in certain weather ({{weather|Sandstorm}} for Sandshrew and {{weather|Hail}} for Alolan Sandshrew) and Hidden Abilities that boost Speed in those same weather conditions.
* Alolan Sandshrew maycan be consideredseen as a counterpartparallel ofto {{p|Vulpix|Alolan Vulpix}}. Both were initially introduced in [[Generation I]] and got [[Alola Form]]s in {{g|Sun and Moon}}. Both Pokémon are {{type|Ice}} with Vulpix being exclusive to Sun and Sandshrew being exclusive to Moon. Furthermore, both Pokémon evolve when exposed to an [[Ice Stone]].
* Alolan Sandshrew, {{p|Clefable}}, {{p|Latias}}, {{p|Gurdurr}}, {{p|Greninja}}, Ash-Greninja, and {{p|Minior|Minior (Meteor Form)}} are all the same weight as {{ga|Ethan}}.