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Beedrill (Pokémon)

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* Beedrill's English name was [[Pokémon Red and Green beta#Pokémon names|originally]] going to be spelled ''Beedril''.
* Beedrill's [[Effort values|effort value]] [[List of Pokémon by effort value yield|yield]] of 2 {{stat|Attack}} and 1 {{stat|Special Defense}} is unique.
* Beedrill maycan be consideredseen as a counterpartparallel ofto {{p|Butterfree}}. Both of their unevolved stages evolve into their respective first evolutionary stages at level 7, which then evolve into their respective final forms at level 10. They both also go through metamorphosis-like evolution and share a base stat total of 395. Also, while Beedrill is a version exclusive of Black and Black 2, Butterfree is exclusive to White and White 2.
* In [[Pokémon Conquest]], Beedrill is the only Pokémon that is featured without its evolutionary relatives.
* [[Mega Evolution|Mega]] Beedrill<!--not Beedrill--> was designed by [[Hitoshi Ariga]].<ref>[ ありがひとし/HitoshiAriga on Twitter]</ref>