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Gyarados (Pokémon)

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** Gyarados is also a popular Pokémon among [[Gym Leader]]s, being used by [[Misty]], Blue, [[Clair]], and [[Crasher Wake]]. However, Misty doesn't use Gyarados during the Gym battle.
** Gyarados has also been used twice by two {{cat|villainous team leaders}}. The first instance was [[Cyrus]] and the second instance was [[Lysandre]].
*Gyarados mayIn bemany ways, Gyarados consideredis athe counterpart of {{p|Milotic}}. Both are the serpentine evolved forms of weak fish Pokémon, and both appear in times of conflict, Gyarados to destroy, Milotic to becalm. Both have base stat totals of 540, the only difference being the distribution of their {{stat|Attack}}, {{stat|Special Attack}} and {{stat|Special Defense}} stats.
** Gyarados is tied with {{p|Milotic}} for the greatest increase in base stat total after evolving, at 340 points.
* Mega Gyarados has highest Attack stat of all {{type|Water}} Pokémon.