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Bewear (anime)

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Personality and characteristics: It also takes Jessie away moments before she could get an autograph. (I forgot the episode)
[[File:Bewear wooden motorcycle.png|thumb|220px|Bewear acting as a wooden motorcycle]]
[[File:Bewear Stufful.png|thumb|left|220px|Bewear and Stufful together]]
Bewear is a friendly and very hospitable Pokémon, especially towards {{TRT}}, of whom it is very protective of. As such, she developed a habit of rescuing them before they can be blasted off by {{Ash}} and {{ashcl}}. She has an uncanny ability to know Team Rocket's location regardless of how far away they are. As such, she goes to astoundingly and even unrealistically great lengths to ensure Team Rocket's safety, even going all the way to [[Kanto]] to rescue them. However, Bewear's rescues can also be unreliable; in ''[[SM012|The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair!]]'', Bewear "rescued" the trio just before they were going to defeat Ash and his Pokémon in a fair fight. It also takes Jessie away moments before she could get an autograph. Though they go to similarly great lengths to make sure they aren't rescued by her, Team Rocket has come to appreciate Bewear's hospitality, even to the point where Jessie tried to share some malasadas with her, an act she would almost never do.
Bewear is extremely strong. This was best demonstrated in ''[[SM061|A Mission of Ultra Urgency!]]'', when she encountered a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Buzzwole}} and was able to hold her own against it. Thanks to her strength, she was also able to perform seemingly impossible feats, like jumping across rooftops in ''[[SM006|A Shocking Grocery Run!]]'', flying through the air by using her legs as a propeller in ''[[SM033|Big Sky, Small Fry!]]'', and running across the surface of the ocean from Kanto to Alola for at least three days in ''[[SM043|When Regions Collide!]]''. Her strength was seen once again in ''[[SM114|Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!]]'', where it was able to battle and defeat {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Pheromosa}}.