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Mandibuzz (Pokémon)

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* Despite Special Attack being its lowest stat, Mandibuzz awards Special Attack {{EV}}s when defeated.
* According to interviews with [[Ken Sugimori]] in ''Nintendo Dream'', Vullaby and Mandibuzz were added late into the development of {{2v2|Black|White}}. When Mandibuzz was originally created by [[James Turner]], it was unrelated to {{p|Braviary}}, but it was later decided to use its design as a counterpart to Braviary.
* Mandibuzz and Vullaby canmay be seen asconsidered counterparts toof {{p|Braviary}} and {{p|Rufflet}}. Mandibuzz and Braviary share a base stat total of 510, evolve from their pre-evolutions starting at level 54, and are both part {{t|Flying}}. Mandibuzz and Vullaby are exclusive to {{game|Black and White|s|Black}}, {{game|Black and White|s|Black 2|2}}, {{game3|Sun and Moon|Moon|s}} and {{game3|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|Ultra Moon|s}}, while Braviary and Rufflet are to White, White 2, Sun and Ultra Sun. Whereas Mandibuzz and Vullaby can only be female, Braviary and Rufflet can only be male.