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Seedot (Pokémon)

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* Together with {{p|Rattata}}, {{p|Magikarp}}, {{p|Ninjask}}, {{p|Goldeen}}, and {{p|Pichu}}, Seedot is the easiest Pokémon to catch in {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}}, with only one loop needed.
* Seedot canmay be seen asconsidered a parallelcounterpart toof {{p|Lotad}}. Both are {{type|Grass}} {{cat|Generation III Pokémon}} that are {{cat|Pokémon that are part of a three-stage evolutionary line|part of a three-stage evolutionary line}}, whose first evolution occurs starting at level 14, and whose second evolution requires an [[evolutionary stone]]. Both have the same base stat total as well as equal stats arranged differently (Seedot has greater physical stats while Lotad has greater special stats). Seedot is exclusive to {{game3|Ruby and Sapphire|Pokémon Ruby|s}} while Lotad is exclusive to Sapphire, with both Pokémon found in the same locations in their respective versions. Additionally, both Pokémon can be found in {{game3|Diamond and Pearl|Diamond, Pearl|s}}, and {{v2|Platinum}} by using [[Dual-slot mode]], with Seedot requiring Ruby and Lotad requiring Sapphire. Both can also be found in [[White Forest]] in {{game3|Black and White|White|s}}.
* Seedot is tied with {{p|Bellsprout}} and {{p|Sunkern}} for the lowest base {{stat|Special Defense}} stat of all {{type|Grass}} Pokémon.