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In the main series
* In ''[[XYS01|Mega Evolution Special I]]'', a {{pkmn|Trainer}} named [[Alain]] was featured traveling across the [[Kalos]] [[region]] with his Mega {{TP|Alain|Charizard}} X, challenging other Mega Evolution Trainers. During the episode, Alain battled [[Astrid]]'s Mega {{p|Absol}} and [[Remo]]'s Mega {{p|Garchomp}}, and was victorious in both battles. Later in the special, he even faced the [[Elite Four]] member [[Siebold]] and his Mega {{p|Blastoise}}, but the powerful {{type|Water}} Pokémon proved to be too much for Charizard, causing Alain to lose the battle.
* All known Mega Evolutions released at the time were also featured during the intro of the aforementioned [[side story episodes|special episode]].
* [[Diantha]]'s Mega {{TP|Diantha|Gardevoir}} first appeared in ''[[XY028|The Bonds of Evolution!]]'', using its Mega Evolution powers to break free from {{TRT}}'s binds.