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May reappeared from ''[[DP075|Our Cup Runneth Over!]]'' to ''[[DP079|Strategy With a Smile!]]'' to participate in the [[Wallace Cup]]. During this period, she wore her {{ga|May|game counterpart}}'s outfit from {{game|Emerald}}. She shared that many of her Pokémon had [[Evolution|evolved]] and that she had already won three Johto Ribbons. {{an|Dawn}} recognized May upon meeting her and said that some people in the Sinnoh region called her the "Princess of Hoenn", causing May to blush. During the Wallace Cup, May showed the new style that she had come up after leaving Ash, battling against Dawn's rival [[Zoey]] and winning using her Beautifly. She made it all the way to the finals but narrowly lost to Dawn in the end.
May reappeared in a picture on {{an|Brock}}'s memory wall in the side storyspecial episode [[DPS02]].
===={{series|Best Wishes}}====
* May is Ash's only traveling companion to have traveled with him from the first episode of a series all the way to the last.
* May was the first character to own a {{cat|Generation IV Pokémon}}, with {{p|Munchlax}}.
<!--* May and [[Max]] are the only two former traveling companions who haven't appeared in at least one [[Sidespecial story episodes|side story]]episode after leaving the series.-->
* Not counting temporary Pokémon, May is the first main character to catch {{TP|May|a Pokémon|Bulbasaur}} that Ash {{AP|has also caught|Bulbasaur}}.