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Appendix:Platinum walkthrough/Section 6

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Eterna Gym
==Eterna Gym==
[[File:Eterna Gym Pt.png|180px|right|thumb|Interior of the Eterna Gym]]
This Gym specializes in {{type|grass}}s. Be aware that the highest-leveled Pokémon you'll encounter here is Level 22 and quite powerful. [[Gardenia]]'s Grass-types are weak to {{t|Fire}}- and {{t|Flying}}-type moves. Avoid bringing {{t|Ground}}-, {{t|Rock}}-, and {{t|Water}}-types, as these types are very weak against her Grass Pokémon. If your starter was {{p|Chimchar}}, this should be an easy fight. If not, the common Pokémon {{p|Starly}} evolves into {{p|Staravia}} at Level 14, and is a good Flying-type that should be considered having on any team, regardless of your starter.
Once inside the Gym, you must find and battle three Trainers before Gardenia will face you. The hands of the giant clock in the middle move every time you defeat a Trainer. When they are pointing north, south, east, or west, you can walk across them to reach other areas of the Gym.
First she will send out her {{p|Turtwig}}, which will use moves like {{m|Sunny Day}} and {{m|Reflect}} to help set up the rest of her Pokémon. However, Sunny Day also powers up Fire-type moves, which you can use to your advantage. Gardenia's entire team knows {{m|Grass Knot}}, an attack that does more damage to [[List of Pokémon by weight|heavier Pokémon]]. If Turtwig had a chance to set up Sunny Day, Gardenia's Cherrim will have its [[Stat#Attack|Attack]] and [[Special Defense]] increase by 50% due to {{a|Flower Gift|its's Ability}}. Try to knock it out quickly so you don't get hit by {{m|Leech Seed}}, which will drain your HP to heal the opponent. Gardenia's highest-leveled Pokémon, {{p|Roserade}}, has an additional {{t|Poison}} type that makes it weak to {{type|Psychic}} attacks. Along with the strong attack {{m|Magical Leaf}}, Roserade also has {{m|Stun Spore}}, a move that can {{status|paralyze}} your team, and {{m|Poison Sting}}, a weak attack that can {{status|poison}} your Pokémon.
Once you beat her you will receive the {{Badge|Forest}}, {{TM|86|Grass Knot}}, and the ability to use {{m|Cut}} outside of battle. Now, you may enter the Galactic Eterna Building.