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In [[Pokémon Stadium 2]], the Unowndex (Japanese: アンノーンずかん ''Illustrated {{p|Unown|Unknown}} encyclopedia'') is a variation of the [[Unown Mode]] from the [[Generation II]] core series games. Like in the main Pokédex from the Stadium series, there is a number of "Caught" Unown (the number of different Unown forms that the player has or had at any point) and "Own" Unown (the number of different Unown forms currently available in the party or the Pokémon Storage System). However, the Unowndex has no "Seen" feature, so there is no way to check if any Unown forms were seen but never captured. The 26 available Unown forms are displayed in the order that they were caught. If a certain Unown form was never caught, then it does not appear in the list at all. The Unowndex includes a 3D model for each available Unown form and the additional full screen zoom feature that was introduced in Pokémon Stadium 2. The Unown word is also shown, like "Angry" (Unown A), "Bear" (Unown B), etc.
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