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Bide move changes
| A move can now be selected during each of Bide's idling turns. Bide will miss against any Pokémon that is in the middle of Dig, Fly, or a similar semi-invulnerable state.
| No longer capable of countering itself or self-inflicted recoil damage if the opponent does not make a make on a subsequent turn after using Counter.
| Now causes a Pokémon's rage to build only if successful. The disabled move's PP is not replaced with a "disabled!" message, though attempting to select the move will still result in a notice that the move is disabled
{{Movelist|Focus Energy|Normal||}}
| Increases the user's critical hit ratio to <code>(BaseSpeed + 236) / 512</code>{{tt|*|(Base Speed + 76 ≫ 2 ≪ 2 + 160 ≫ 1) / 256}}
| Eliminates any major status ailments that the user has
{{Movelist|Hyper Beam|Normal||}}
| Recharges even if it missed or defeated the target
| Will no longer copy a move's maximum PP
{{Movelist|Mirror Move|Flying||}}
| Will now copy multi-turn moves during either of the turns they take to execute
| No longer fails when difference between the user's maximum HP and current HP leaves a remainder of 255 when divided by 256 (such as 255 or 511).
| No recoil damage is taken if Struggle knocks out an opponent
| Prevents all {{cat|HP-draining moves}} and [[status condition]]s
| Transform will not work if the target's current species is Ditto. The transformed Pokémon appears with the normal colors of the target.