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Pokémon Stadium (English)

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Vs. Mewtwo
===Vs. Mewtwo===
Once the player has completed the [[Stadium Mode]] and [[Gym Leader Castle]], {{p|Mewtwo}}'s silhouette will appear in the sky over the Stadium for selection. This is simply a showdown against Mewtwo itself, under essentially "Anything Goes" rules: up to six Pokémon (the player's own or [[Prime Cup]] {{pkmn2|rental}}s) can be brought to the battle, but Mewtwo is the only opponent. It has full {{[[PP Up}}]]s applied to all of its moves.
Defeating Mewtwo launches the credits, changes the title screen and unlocks Round 2. Re-unlocking and defeating Mewtwo in Round 2 (where its stats are increased to the max) awards special hidden stickers available in the Gallery mode.