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Z-Power Ring

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In the core series games
A Z-Power Ring is made by refining a [[Sparkling Stone]]. Z-Power Rings have a slot in the center where the wearer can insert a [[Z-Crystal]] as well as multiple other slots to store Z-Crystals not in use.
The {{player}} receives a Sparkling Stone from {{p|Tapu Koko}} in recognition of their bravery in protecting [[Nebby]] from a swarm of {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Spearow}}. After receiving their [[starter Pokémon]], [[Hala]] recognizes the stone, and upon realizing that the player has been recognized by the [[Guardian deities|guardian deity]] of [[Melemele Island]], offers to refine it. The player receives the finished product, a Z-Power Ring, after completing the ceremony battle with [[Hau]]. As the player proceeds through the [[island challenge]], they will receive Z-Crystals for their Ring from the [[Trial Captain|CaptainCaptains]]s and [[Island Kahuna]]s.
Being a part of the rites of passage in [[Alola]], Z-Power Rings are much more widely distributed in comparison to [[Key Stone]]s in [[Kalos]] and [[Hoenn]]. All Kahunas, members of the Alola [[Alola League|Alola Elite Four]], and most captains use Z-Power Rings in battle against the player. Other key characters, such as [[Professor Kukui]], [[Hau]], and [[Gladion]], have or obtain Z-Power Rings over the course of the story. The player will even battle the occasional [[Pokémon Trainer#Trainer class|minor character Trainer]] who will use a Z-Power Ring, usually after defeating all other Trainers in their given area.
Contrary to the lore, the player is never required to equip a specific Z-Crystal on their Z-Power Ring. The player can use any Z-Move so long as their Pokémon is holding an appropriate Z-Crystal and has an appropriate move.
During the post-game, [[Professor Kukui]] reveals that the Z-Power Rings are lost pieces of {{p|Necrozma}} that rained down onto [[Alola]] from [[Ultra Wormhole]]s in the form of [[Sparkling Stone]]s.