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In the anime: replaced: SS022 → Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (anime special)#Part 1, SS023 → Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (anime special)#Part 2
Solana, the female protagonist from Pokémon Ranger, first appears in ''[[AG155|The Green Guardian]]''. She helps Ash and his friends rescue an injured Celebi which had blocked the [[Kanto Route 17|Cycling Road]] with its protective vines. She later reappears in ''[[AG171|Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! Parts One]] [[AG172|and Two]]'', where she is involved in the incident with Deoxys, and again together with Kellyn in ''[[DP071|Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Parts One]] [[DP072|and Two]]''.
Ben, the male protagonist from [[Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs|Guardian Signs]], made appearances in the anime in ''[[SS022{{OBP|Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs Parts One]] [[SS023|andanime Two]]special}}'', and ''[[DP169|Pokémon Ranger! Heatran Rescue Mission!!]]''.
Jack Walker is the central character of ''[[M09|Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea]]''.