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===The Legend of X, Y, and Z===
As seen in [[SS036XYS05|''The Legend of X, Y, and Z!'']], the three Legendary Pokémon have guarded the equilibrium of mortality in the Kalos region since ancient times. In the story of [[Jan]] and [[Aila]], these Pokémon were involved. Jan was in love with Aila, despite their different social status, with Jan at the lower tiers of society and Aila being wealthy. {{p|Yveltal}} ever since have caused multiple destructive deeds in their village. To be proof of Jan's love, Aila's father sent him to a quest to slay Yveltal, to put an end to the village's suffering. One day, Jan said his plan to Aila and set off. Not even a kilometer of journeying, Yveltal appeared in front of Aila. Jan rushed back and the Pokémon's attention turned to the man. Yveltal was about to [[Oblivion Wing|beam]] Jan but Aila intervened to protect him. In return, Aila petrified as she received Yveltal's beam. Jan berated in grief of Aila's petrification. He seeked the help of [[Olympica]], the village's mage. Olympica said that to restore Aila's normal state, he would have to seek {{p|Xerneas}}, the Legendary Pokémon of life. For years, Jan seeked Xerneas in hope to restore Aila. Meanwhile, in a nearby country, [[Veofum]], a greedy king, wanted to forcibly harness Xerneas' power to make his country more fertile. Veofum's troops seeked Xerneas and encountered it in its tree form, so they unrooted it and brought it to the kingdom. Xerneas would not help Veofum, so Veofum tried to burn it in thinking that it is worthless. Jan arrived at odds in Veofum's kingdom. He tried to stop the burning of the tree, but to no avail. Zygarde's cells saw the tragic event and transformed into a 50% forme {{p|Zygarde}}. Zygarde's [[Land's Wrath|wrath]] brought the king and his troops to their demise, while Jan and Xerneas were left safe. Xerneas pronged away even if it saw Jan seeking for help. Jan returned to his village, now deserted and barren with only the Lady Statue, Aila, left. He just dedicated his life to restoring the village to its fertile state. The village grew, with some people returning. A drought struck the area. Xerneas appeared and [[Fairy Aura|revitalized]] the village, making every plant and tree flourishing. Still, Aila hasn't been unpetrified. Jan stayed with Aila as the years passed by and died by her side. To this day, Aila's Statue is still not unpetrified.
There are two theories that show evidence of the trio being interrelated:
Zygarde is the central figure of the Pokémon XY&Z season of the anime. Zygarde Complete Forme is to make its debut in ''[[M19|Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel]]''.
{{p|Xerneas}}, {{p|Yveltal}}, and {{p|Zygarde}} made their debut as a trio in [[SS036XYS05]].
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