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The group caught up with Sakura in ''[[EP226|Espeon, Not Included]]'', while passing through [[Ecruteak City]]. By this time, her {{p|Eevee}} had [[Evolution|evolved]] into an {{TP|Sakura|Espeon}}. She used Espeon in a battle against [[Misty's Corsola]], though lost the match. She also later helped the group to save her sisters' stolen Pokémon from {{TRT}}. Afterwards she decided she was finally ready to go on her own journey, and with her sisters’ permissions, she began her journey towards [[Violet City]].
Sakura's latest appearance was in ''[[SS005HS05|The Blue Badge of Courage]]'', where she was revealed to be challenging Gyms and so visited Misty in [[Cerulean City]]. She mentioned that she already had three Gym Badges by that point: the {{Badge|Storm}}, the {{Badge|Zephyr}}, and the {{Badge|Hive}}. After she helped Misty in rescuing [[Kinso]]'s stolen Badges from the [[Gym Badge thieves]], Sakura had a battle against Misty's Corsola once again. This time, Espeon was victorious, thus earning Sakura her fourth Badge, the {{Badge|Cascade}}.
|vaen=Kayzie Rogers
|desc={{p|Espeon}} is Sakura's main Pokémon. It first appeared as an {{p|Eevee}} in ''[[EP183|Trouble's Brewing]]''. By its next appearance in ''[[EP226|Espeon, Not Included]]'', it had already evolved into Espeon and had a battle against [[Misty's Corsola]]. However, it was defeated by the {{type|Water}}. It also appeared in ''[[SS005HS05|The Blue Badge of Courage]]'' defeating Misty's Corsola, earning Sakura a {{Badge|Cascade}}.}}
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|epname=The Blue Badge of Courage
|vajp=Machiko Toyoshima
|vaen=Rachael Lillis
|desc={{p|Beautifly}} first appeared in ''[[SS005HS05|The Blue Badge of Courage]]'', when Sakura used it to find the people who stole [[Kinso]]'s Badges.
None of Beautifly's moves are known.}}
[[File:Sakura Badges.png|thumb|230px|Sakura's Johto Badges]]
This listing is of the [[Badge]]s Sakura has obtained:
* {{Badge|Storm}} (prior to ''[[SS005HS05|The Blue Badge of Courage]]'')
* {{Badge|Zephyr}} (prior to ''[[SS005HS05|The Blue Badge of Courage]]'')
* {{Badge|Hive}} (prior to ''[[SS005HS05|The Blue Badge of Courage]]'')
* {{Badge|Cascade}} (''[[SS005HS05|The Blue Badge of Courage]]'')
===Voice actors===
|en=[[Kerry Williams]]
|fi=Jenni Sivonen
|pt_br=Tatiane Keplmair ([[EP183]]-[[EP226]])<br>Priscilla Concepción ([[SS005HS05]])
|es_la=Ana Lobo ([[EP183]]-[[EP226]])<br>Ariadna Rivas ([[SS005HS05]])
|es_eu=Sandra Jara ([[EP183]]-[[EP226]])<br>Carmen Cervantes ([[SS005HS05]])
|pl=Magda Ostolska ([[EP183]])<br>Katarzyna Łukaszyńska ([[EP226]])