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Quilava (Pokémon)

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====[[Dawn's Quilava]]====
{{an|Dawn}}'s Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava in [[SS024DPS01]] in order to fight off a swarm of {{p|Ariados}}. It made its main series debut in ''[[BW086|Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!]]'', where it showed Ash it had evolved. It later appeared in ''[[BW093|Goodbye Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!]]'', where Dawn used it in a battle with Ash, and it went up against [[Ash's Pikachu]]. However, after a couple of moves were made, the battle was soon called off without a winner.
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{{Animedexbody|SS024DPS01|Quilava|Dawn's Pokédex|{{tt|Quilava, the Volcano Pokémon. It threatens opponents with the heat of its flames. When it assumes its battle pose, the force of its flames intensifies.|Translated from the Japanese version, which is practically the same as the entry from DP182}}}}
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