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Pokémon in the Netherlands

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Cast and crew
In the {{series|XY}}, {{an|Serena}} is voiced by '''Tara Hetharia''', {{an|Clemont}} is voiced by '''Christian Nieuwenhuizen''', and {{an|Bonnie}} is voiced by '''Manou Jue Cardoso'''. [[Professor Sycamore]] is voiced by '''Rutger le Poole'''.
[[Jessie]] is dubbed by '''Hilde de Mildt''' (born November 19, 1959), she has also dubbed [[Officer Jenny]] in one episode.<ref></ref> [[James]] was originally dubbed by '''Bram Bart''' (April 32, 1962 - April 8, 2012), who also voiced [[Gary Oak]], but in season 8 the role was given to '''Paul Disbergen''' in season 8, also the voice of [[Butch]] in season 8.
{{MTR}} also had a change of voice actors at the same time, from '''Jan Nonhof''' (born December 9, 1947) to '''Bas Keijzer''' (born March 31, 1973) because of his disagreement with the change of the dub company.<ref></ref> In season 15, Bas Keijzer has been replaced with '''Fred Meijer''' who previously provided the voice of Brock and Giovanni.