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replaced: SS027 → BWS01, SS029 → XYS01, SS032 → XYS03, SS035 → XYS04 (3)
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| Võ Huyền Chi
| [[Officer Jenny|Junsa]] ([[BW006]]-[[SS027BWS01]], [[SM009]]-[[SM039]])<br>{{an|Daisy|Sakura}}<br>[[Jessie|Musashi]] ([[EP002]]-[[EP080]], [[BW109]]-present)<br>[[Ghost of Maiden's Peak]]<br>[[Erika]]<br>{{an|Bonnie|Eureka}}<br>{{an|Lillie|Lilie}}<br>{{an|Lana|Suiren}}
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| Hồ Tiến Đạt
| [[Trip|Shootie]]<br>[[James|Kojiro]] ([[EP002]]-[[EP080]], [[BW109]]-present)<br>{{an|Brock|Takeshi}} ([[BW116]]-[[SM044]])<br>{{an|Professor Kukui|Giáo sư Kukui}}<br>[[Narrator|Người dẫn chuyện]]<br>[[Alain|Alan]] ([[SS029XYS01]]-[[SS032XYS03]])
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| Hoài Bảo
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| Nguyễn Quang Tuyên
| {{an|Cilan|Dento}} ([[M14]]-[[M16]])<br>{{an|N}}<br>[[Chili|Poddo]] ([[BW140]])<br>[[Professor Sycamore|Giáo sư Platane]] ([[SS035XYS04]]-present)<br>[[Alain|Alan]] ([[SS035XYS04]]-present)<br>{{an|Rotom Pokédex|Từ điển Rotom}}
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| Nguyễn Thụy Thùy Tiên
For the {{series|Best Wishes}} on POPS Kids, {{so|Best Wishes!}} and [[Fanfare of the Heart]] are used from [[BW001]] to [[BW020]], shown with Vietnamese subtitles and credits in place of the original Japanese lyrics and credits, with the opening additionally being shown with synchronized, romanized subtitles. From [[BW021]] to [[BW052]], the opening is shown in the same manner, but the ending theme is skipped entirely. Starting in [[BW053]], the original Japanese credits and lyrics are shown for both the opening and ending themes.
[[Eternal Friendship]] by Cindy V is used for both the opening and the ending for the VTV2 dub of the {{series|XY}}. For these episodes on POPS Kids, 30 seconds of the song is played over the opening animations of [[Pokémon Theme#Opening animation: Dub OP 17|Pokémon Theme (Version XY)]] and [[Be a Hero]] at the very beginning of the episode and another 30 seconds are played over the credits from the English dub at the very end of the episode. However, the first eight episodes maintain the original minute-long opening animation with translated credits. The remaining episodes of the series, including [[SS035XYS04]] and episodes from [[XY094]] onward use the opening and ending themes of the English dub.
For the {{series|Sun & Moon}}, they retained [[Under The Alolan Sun]], using the opening and ending themes of the English dub.