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Overtime, most mention of Pokémon being eaten by either humans or Pokémon in any manner has become increasingly rare. This may be due to moral issues; as the anime and games progressed, Pokémon became seemingly more human-like. This included displaying individual personalities, human mannerisms, and complex emotions. In most cultures and societies, the idea of human beings eating each other is strictly taboo, so much so that even the idea of fictional creatures eating one another would seem equally cannibalistic if they possessed any human qualities.
Some Pokémon have even been given new dietary habits, possibly in an attempt to downplay any predatory behaviors. An example of this would be {{p|Aerodactyl}}, which was originally suggested to be {{wp|carnivore|carnivorous}}, but is later shown to eat fruit. In the [[original series]], Ash's Pokédex states "Its hard fangs suggest it might have been a carnivore. Its sharp claws were probably used to capture prey." Even in the games, Aerodactyl's Pokédex entries mention it tearing the throats out of its enemies. In ''[[EP046|Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon]]'', Aerodactyl was even shown going for Ash's throat. However, in ''[[SS015HS15|Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!]]'', the fossilized Aerodactyl egg {{Gary}} used to resurrect the Pokémon was found near fossilized seed remains. After Aerodactyl escaped, it was only calmed down when fed a pear-like fruit that was a similar DNA match to the seeds. This would imply that Aerodactyl regularly fed on the fruit, implying that it was an {{wp|herbivore}} or an {{wp|omnivore}}.