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Moltres (Pokémon)

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Moltres physically debuted in ''[[EP074|All Fired Up]]'', though it was fully engulfed in flames. In the episode, it defeated {{TRT}} when they attempted to steal the Moltres Flame during the opening ceremony of the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]]. It reappeared in flashbacks in ''[[EP075|Round One - Begin!]]'' and ''[[EP080|Friends to the End]]''.
A Moltres appeared in ''[[SS018HS18|The Search for the Legend]]'', where [[Butch]] and [[Cassidy]] attempted to capture it, but were unsuccessful.
A Moltres appeared in the Hoopa's Surprise Ring Adventures short ''{{DL|Hoopa's Surprise Ring Adventures|Heated Battle}}''. It hit and burnt {{an|Hoopa}} with a {{type|Fire}} attack before flying off.
{{Animedexbody|SS018HS18|Moltres|Ritchie's Pokédex|Moltres, a one-of-a-kind Legendary Flame Pokémon. So powerful, its fire dust can bring early spring to wintery lands.}}
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