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'''Hoopa''' (Japanese: '''フーパ''' ''Hoopa'') is a major character who appeared in ''[[M18|Hoopa and the Clash of Ages]]''. It also starred in ''[[SS034|Hoopa — The Mischief Pokémon]]'' and the ''[[Hoopa's Surprise Ring Adventures]]'' shorts, leading up to the movie's release.
==In the movies==
A hundred years prior to the events of ''[[M18|Hoopa and the Clash of Ages]]'', Hoopa appeared in its Unbound Form in [[Dahara City]]. It ate the villagers' food, but in return, it gave them huge piles of pure gold, allowing the small village to prosper and grow into a big city. Hoopa received a home at the village, granting the villagers all their wishes. When some people wanted to see if Hoopa could beat another Pokémon in a {{pkmn|battle}}, it proceeded to summon strong Pokémon, like {{p|Dragonite}} and {{p|Steelix}}, to fight them for people's amusement. It defeated all of its opponents, and the villagers cheered for it the whole time. However, Hoopa eventually got carried away, and started to summon even [[Legendary Pokémon]], such as {{p|Zekrom}}, {{p|Reshiram}}, and {{p|Regigigas}}, to fight against it. As a result of these monstrous clashes, the entire Dahara City was leveled to the ground. However, [[Ghris]] soon sealed Hoopa's power into a [[Prison Bottle]] he had created to stop its rampage, and reducing Hoopa into a much smaller, Confined Forme.
[[File:Hoopa Unbound Shadow.png|thumb|left|250px|Hoopa's shadow]]
Over the recent years, Hoopa was taken care of by Ghris's great-grandchildren, [[Baraz]] and [[Meray]] in the [[Arche Valley]]. As seen in ''[[SS034|Hoopa — The Mischief Pokémon]]'', Hoopa enjoyed playing with the siblings, especially the more playful Meray, and their friends during their youth. During the events of ''[[M18|Hoopa and the Clash of Ages]]'', one of Hoopa's pranks resulted in it pulling Ash and Pikachu through its ring to it. It quickly became friends with the two, playfully calling them "Ashkan" and "Pikan" respectively. [[Ash's friends]] soon joined them and met Meray.
Later, the group encountered Baraz, who had retrieved the Prison Bottle from its hiding place. Upon touching it, he had however become possessed by Hoopa's Unbound Forme's power, which forced him to release it from the bottle. Upon being released, Hoopa Unbound took over Hoopa's body and went on a rampage, forcing Meray to reseal it back into the Prison Bottle. Baraz and Meray explained Hoopa's backstory to the group, also explaining why Hoopa couldn't travel through its own rings. The Prison Bottle was later stolen by {{TRT}}, and Hoopa Unbound possessed {{MTR}} to make him open the bottle once again. Baraz and Meray helped Hoopa to resist the power taking over it, and eventually succeeded in preventing that. Unfortunately, the Prison Bottle then suddenly broke into pieces, and Hoopa Unbound formed from the unsealed power. Baraz explained that the form was in fact Hoopa's "shadow", formed of Hoopa's anger of being imprisoned for a hundred years. It had destroyed the Prison Bottle to prevent itself from being sealed again. Fortunately, Baraz knew how to create a new Prison Bottle, so he and the rest of the group headed to [[Dahara Tower]] to do so, while Ash and Pikachu protected Hoopa from the shadow.
====Hoopa Confined====
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