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In ''[[EP273|Gotta Catch Ya Later!]]'', the sisters called Misty to tell her that they had won a trip around the world because Daisy was third place in a pageant. They made Misty return to Cerulean City so she could take over the role of Gym Leader for them.
They returned to the Gym two weeks before ''[[SS011HS11|A Date with Delcatty]]''. However, Misty is still the official Gym Leader, with Daisy and the other sisters filling in when Misty is away. However, they still don't like battling, and in ''[[AG134|A Real Cleffa-Hanger]]'', Daisy asked Misty if they could just give Badges to the Trainers instead of battling them.
Daisy, along with Violet and Lily, reappeared in a fantasy during the [[Poké Problem]] segment of ''[[SM042|Alola, Kanto!]]'', where the Spectacular Sisters ditched the Gym to go on a trip, leaving Misty in charge of everything. She reappeared again in the same capacity in ''[[SM102|Alola, Alola!]]'', although Misty revealed she had Daisy and the others take over Gym duties while she was in [[Alola]].
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