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Azumarill (Pokémon)

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A female Azumarill debuted in ''[[EP153|Love, Totodile Style]]'', under the ownership of [[Trixie]]. It is among the Pokémon she uses in her circus, and became the target of {{TRT}}. It was also the love interest of both [[Ash's Totodile]] and Trixie's {{p|Golduck}}, though she reciprocated the feelings of only the latter.
An Azumarill is one of the friends of the [[Pichu Brothers]]. It appeared in ''[[Trouble in Big Town]]'', ''[[SS006HS06|Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 1)]]'', ''[[SS009HS09|Big Meowth,]] [[SS010HS10|Little Dreams]]'', and ''[[Pichu Bros. in Party Panic]]''. It also made a cameo appearance in ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]''.
An Azumarill appeared in ''[[EP268|Tie One On!]]'', under the ownership of [[Vincent|Jackson]]. It first got into an altercation with {{Ash}}'s Pokémon over possession of an apple. Jackson then used it against Ash in the [[Silver Conference]]; it went up against {{AP|Pikachu}} and was soon defeated by {{m|Thunder}}.
An Azumarill appeared alongside an Azurill and Marill in ''[[M13|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]''.
An Azumarill appeared in ''[[SS026|Mewtwo — Prologue to Awakening]]''.
Two Azumarill appeared in ''[[XY001|Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!]]''.
An Azumarill appeared in ''[[XY002|Lumiose City Pursuit!]]''.
A Trainer's Azumarill appeared in ''[[SS032XYS03|Mega Evolution Special III]]''.
An Azumarill appeared in ''[[XY073|A Fashionable Battle!]]'', under the ownership of a {{tc|Furisode Girl}}.
An Azumarill appeared in ''[[SS034|Hoopa — The Mischief Pokémon]]''.
Three Azumarill appeared in ''[[PK27|Pikachu and the Pokémon Music Squad]]''. They were among the Pokémon residing in a forest.