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In the {{series|XY}}: replaced: SS029 → XYS01, SS035 → XYS04
[[Clemont's Chespin]] used its Ability {{a|Overgrow}} in ''[[XY015|An Appetite for Battle!]]'' battling against a {{p|Delphox}}.
In ''[[SS029XYS01|Mega Evolution Special I]]'', [[Siebold]]'s {{p|Blastoise}} was shown to have {{a|Mega Launcher}} when [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolved]].
Both {{a|Dark Aura}} from {{OBP|Yveltal|M17}} and {{a|Fairy Aura}} from {{OBP|Xerneas|M17}} were seen in ''[[M17|Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction]]''.
Both of [[Olympia]]'s {{p|Meowstic}} were seen using their respective Abilities in ''[[XY093|All Eyes on the Future!]]'', with the male Meowstic having his Hidden Ability {{a|Prankster}} and the female one having {{a|Keen Eye}}.
Two Abilities were seen in ''[[SS035XYS04|Mega Evolution Special IV]]'', both in battle against [[Alain's Charizard]]. A {{me|Venusaur}} used Thick Fat to half the damage it took from a {{m|Flamethrower}}. [[Malva]]'s {{p|Houndoom}} later used Flash Fire to absorb another Flamethrower.
[[Sawyer]]'s {{p|Clawitzer}} was shown to have {{a|Mega Launcher}} as its Ability during its battle against Ash in ''[[XY119|A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!]]''.