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Ungrounded Pokémon
* It is holding an [[Air Balloon]].
* It is under the effect of {{m|Magnet Rise}} or {{m|Telekinesis}}.
* It is in the semi-invulnerable turn of {{m|Fly}}, {{m|Bounce}}, or {{m|Sky Drop}}, or has been picked up by another Pokémon's Sky Drop.
Some of these characteristics can be negated by certain moves or Abilities, such as {{m|Gastro Acid}} or {{a|Klutz}}. Additionally, if a Pokémon with {{a|Mold Breaker}}, {{a|Turboblaze}}, or {{a|Teravolt}} uses a move, Pokémon that are only ungrounded due to Levitate are treated as if they were grounded for the execution of that move.<!--Moves/Abilities that alter type/Abilities/items do not need to be mentioned, these are obvious because the ungrounded criteria is entirely invalidated by being removed (instead of just being negated).-->