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Mitsuhiro Arita

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[[File:Mitsuhiro Arita.png|thumb|right|Mitsuhiro Arita, c. 1997]]
'''Mitsuhiro Arita''' (Japanese: '''有田満弘'''),; born January 12, 1970, in Fukuoka Prefecture,) is a freelance illustrator who has been providing artwork for the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] since its inception. In addition to Pokémon, he has also provided artwork for several other trading or collectible card games based on franchises such as ''{{wp|Shin Megami Tensei}}'', ''{{wp|Monster Hunter}}'', and ''{{wp|Super Sentai}}''. He has provided many illustrations for ''{{wp|Final Fantasy XI}}'' online content, as well as producing written articles, featured works, and cover art across numerous publications. He likes to paint pictures while he travels, a hobby he calls "Mobile Painting", which he has also written about in a few publications. He is completely self-taught in his artistry.